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Welcome to the FACCE-JPI

Welcome to the FACCE-JPI

Leslie Lipper

Senior Environmental Economist and EPIC[1] Programme Director – Agriculture and Development Economics Division, FAO

 Leslie Lipper is a Senior Environmental Economist in the Agriculture and Development Economics Division at FAO, where she also leads the Economics and Policy Innovations for Climate smart agriculture (EPIC) programme.  EPIC is implementing an EC funded project to support climate smart agricultural policies and investments in three partner countries.  Leslie has been at FAO for over 12 years, leading applied research and policy analysis programs related to natural resource management and poverty reduction.   She is a contributing author to the food security and food production systems chapter of the IPCC fifth assessment report the lead author of two recent FAO reports related to climate change and food security: Climate Smart Agriculture: policies, practices and financing for food security, adaptation and mitigation (2010) and Food Security and Agricultural Mitigation in Developing Countries:  Options for Capturing Synergies (2009).   She was the lead author of the FAO State of Food and Agriculture report 2007 focusing on paying farmers for environmental services (PES). She has also several peer-reviewed publications on PES and poverty reduction, as well as crop genetic diversity and seed system management in the context of agricultural development.   Leslie received a doctorate in Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics from the University of California at Berkeley in 2000.

[1] Economic and Policy Innovations for Climate smart agriculture

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Creation date: 07 March 2013
Update: 15 April 2013