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Quality wines with reduced alcohol content

man drinking wine
The current crisis in the wine production sector is affecting quality wines for the first time. Economic regulation of the market now concerns all types of wines. It is fairly generally accepted that to resolve this crisis, emphasis must be placed, in particular, on the development of products that are better adapted to the expectations and tastes of consumers. The project funded by the National Research Agency aimed at make it possible to design quality wines with significantly reduced alcohol content on the basis of predefined specifications.
  • Discover the detailed project for quality wines with reduced alcohol content here

  • Results now available here

Writing: LP
Creation date: 07 July 2010
Update: 28 November 2012
Contact: Hernan Ojeda
UE9 Pech Rouge Experimental Unit UEPR
INRA Domaine de Pech-Rouge
Tel:+33(0)4 68 49 44 01