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What's new in the Milky Way

Drop of milk. Original image :
© Dror Bar-Natan
Although it is well known that milk is a raw material that serves a wide range of purposes, many questions remain and constitute a continuing challenge for scientists.

The division's researchers present in this booklet a selection of their recent results on the understanding of the structure and composition of milk.
Many different topics are cited, such as:

  • The digestibility and bioactivity of milk components:  
  • The interactions between milk molecules (protein/protein or protein/lipid) for the purpose of generating specific functionalities, of improving final quality or of creating new microstructures;  
  • Processes and quality control;  
  • The interactions between microbial ecosystems, their enzymes, and milk molecules;  
  • The production and perception of volatile flavour compounds in ripened cheeses...

Reprints of this booklet are available at the division, contact Laurence Prevosto.

Writing: Joëlle Léonil
Creation date: 07 July 2010
Update: 13 July 2010